#1- Stacked #3.jpg

A line: Form and function

These stackable rings are from the series entitled, A Line: Form and Function.   The series examines the apparent dichotomy that exists between art and craft.  The work is intended to have two contexts: the first is the relationship between form and art (sculpture); the second is the relationship between function and craft (jewelry).   With over 40 rings in the series, an individual can create a number of wearable permutations, thus creating an infinite number of hand sculptures.

Eliza MJM.jpg

Mon Amour: Eliza Jumel Collection

This work was created in response to private letters unearthed in the historic archive at the Morris Jumel mansion in New York City. This series of heavily etched wearable objects constructed of sterling silver were a direct response to the handwritten letters between mansion owners Eliza and Stephen Jumel. The archival letters revealed an accretion of private exchanges, ranging from the quotidian to the intimate - paying homage to these intimate written exchanges, fragments of the letters were etched directly onto silver. The material shift from pen and ink to metal raises questions about impermanence and indelibility and public and private lives.  

J(10) Eye Movements Detail.jpg

Eye Movements

A sample from the work created for an exhibition entitled ‘eye-wear’.  This series was created to stretch the parameters of what we consider jewelry.  Each wearable object (neckpiece, bracelet, and ring) contains glass vials filled with formaldehyde and real fish eyes. My intent was two-fold: to stimulate dialogue through the creative uses of materials not usually associated with jewelry, and to create work that played with the concept of eye-wear.

B(2)  Eve's Lure Detail.jpg

Eve's Lure

Eve’s Lure (Neckpiece) was the first piece from a series of work entitled Ora Pro Nobis (Pray for Us). In this series, I revisited biblical stories involving women - particularly those who satiated their appetites, passions and desires. These vices were interpreted symbolically and were translated into multiple articles of personal adornment. Each article contained a symbol which triggered recognition of a particular biblical story and aided in the viewer’s recollection of the event and its relative significance to contemporary society. Each article of jewelry was ‘installed’ in a gallery setting with an accompanying photograph to illustrate how this object was intended to be worn.

weight on my shoulders.jpg

Weight on my Shoulders

Weight on My Shoulders (Neckpiece) is the second piece from a series of work entitled Ora Pro Nobis (Pray for Us).  This work was created for the Biblical character, Jezebel.